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Residue free green organic cleaning enables carpets to stay cleaner longer. No soaps or detergents are used. We bring our own treated water combined with our organic pre-spray results in perfectly clean carpets. The biggest problem in the carpet cleaning industry today is RESIDUE from shampoos and detergents left by traditional carpet cleaners. This causes rapid resoiling on carpets soon after they have been cleaned...

The most pervasive issue in the carpet cleaning industry today is the rapid resoiling that occurs on carpets soon after they have been cleaned. This issue has improved some over that past 10 years with more awareness of the issue by carpet cleaners, but generally this is still a huge problem in the industry today.

Anytime a detergent or shampoo is used in the carpet cleaning process there is a very high likelihood that trace amounts of detergent and shampoo residue will be left on the carpet. These trace amounts of residue act as dirt magnets and cause the air born dust to attach itself to the residue particles and become difficult to remove. Vacuuming will not be effective in addressing the issue.

noresidue1aTrue Clean Carpet utilizes a totally GREEN cleaning process that does not use any soap, detergent, or shampoo at any point in its carpet cleaning process. We at True Clean Carpet are able to achieve outstanding carpet cleaning results without using these types of products because we use our own treated water solution that has been processed at our in-house water treatment center. True Clean Carpet begins the carpet cleaning process by utilizing an organic pre-spray solution that is void of any detergents or shampoos, but consists of a combination of four different organic certified "green" de-greasers. We can actually drink our pre-spray. This combination of an organic pre-spray and use of our treated water enables True Clean Carpet to produce outstanding carpet cleaning results without leaving any re-soiling residue and therefore your carpet will stay cleaner longer.

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