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No more waiting all day or two to have your carpets dry. Utilizing the latest in electronic technology your carpets are dry in just 1-2 hours. True Clean Carpet utilizes the very best steam clean extraction equipment that can be brought into the home. We call it "The Dirt Extractor System".

CRI Gold_LabelThe majority of the carpet cleaners still use the older "flood and suck" type wands that have been used for more than 50 years. These wands typically cost between $100 – $400 while the electronic equipment brought into the home by True Clean Carpet typically costs more than $3,000.

The visual appearance of technology used by True Clean Carpet is truly impressive in comparison to the older wands, but the cleaning result difference is what makes this technology the very best. True Clean Carpet would not make this kind of investment in equipment if the results were not profoundly better than using the older type wands.

There are some key reasons why this newer technology out performs the old school ways of cleaning. First, the distance between where the hot water is released and meets the carpet fibers is significantly closer. While most of the standard carpet wands have a distance of 2 to 3 inches, the technology utilized by True Clean Carpet has almost no distance between where the water is released and meets the carpet fibers.

This is important because significant cooling occurs in the water in just those few inches of air space in the older wands between the water release point and the carpet fiber. The hotter the water at point of contact the better cleaning action occurs.

Another key advantage of the technology used by True Clean Carpet is the incredible improvement in extracting moisture from the carpet fibers. This enables True Clean Carpet customers to experience dry times of 2 hours or less under controlled climate conditions* compared to an industry where many experience dry times lasting 8 to 24 hours or longer. The unique design of this technology puts more suction power at the point of contact with the carpet fiber than older technologies can provide. Perhaps even more important than the excellent dry times, is that by performing a more effective moisture removal process the carpets are actually being cleaned better. Any moisture left in carpets will have some element of soil in it and by being able to remove the moisture better, carpets are actually being cleaned better.

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