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Carpet Care Tips

Carpet cleaning is a tedious task, which needs special skills and equipment. Once you get the right carpet cleaning service and the right carpet cleaner, it will be easy to keep your carpets looking new and beautiful. Carpets are essential to homes, hotels and businesses worldwide. They provide warmth and softness and can be a display for elegant décor. However, carpets require a little extra care than your regular floor.

Our Local Carpet Cleaning service offers expert advice on how to remove common stains from carpets. Since oil fats and other elements make up stains our professionals remove them by choosing the correct chemicals that do the job best. Our carpet cleaners also offer you cleaning staff services to keep your rugs richly looking and clean for long periods of time. We promise clear results and effective treatments for our clients.

Carpet Care & Cleaning Tips -Stains

Everyday carpet stains

Everyday stains include but are not limited to food stains, mud or soil tracks, pet fur, and oil. These are just a few examples of daily stains your carpet is exposed to. We all want to be comfortable and free in our homes but maintain the beauty and quality of our carpets and rugs. Here are a few tips from True Carpet Clean professionals to eliminate or minimize carpet stains in your home;

  1. Saturate a carpet stain with cold water as soon as possible to prevent a spill from staining it. If spills do not get into the carpet, they minimize the chances of having a stain on it.
  2. Carpeting can absorb a lot of moisture and act as a sponge for dust mites and pollutants. Keeping your carpet clean might help alleviate these problems; hence professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended.
  3. Call our carpet cleaning company to recommend ways of drying up wet carpets quickly so that there is no mold issue lingering in them.
  4. It is important to note that there are some chemicals in the market that may be harmful to your carpet if not well maintained. This is why it is necessary to ask a professional before using any chemicals on the carpet or other specialized cleaning materials.
  5. We specialize in the use of safe products that would not harm the fibers of your expensive carpets. We advise our clients on how frequently they should clean their carpet and what type of shampoo they should use based on the kind of fiber they are made of. Using the products meant for carpets that you find free on the shelf at supermarkets can result in damage and scratches to them over time.


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Wine stains

The most common stain encountered on carpets is caused by wine. So as you can see, accidents do happen and your carpet can become spoiled overnight. The trick to cleaning a wine spill is to act quickly if you have started to notice the stain has darkened.

There are quite a few ways of getting rid of these pesky stains, but it will be dependent on the degree of the stain and whether you can remove it or not. To begin with, check to make sure that carpet is not soaked. If the area affected by the red wine has not stained all the way through, try blotting it out with paper towels. You could apply some club soda to the carpet in order to mitigate smells and flavors competing with each other

You might choose to use baby wipes to get rid of any excess wine in which case you would want this dried as quickly as possible so as not to leave unpleasant outlines on your carpet. Also, avoid sprinkling on powder. Besides being displeasing aesthetically, the effectivity might also be lacking. Some people prefer using sand to absorb rather than blotting out. A vacuum cleaner will work best for this process and you could even end up getting rid of some hair lint in the process! Spot cleaners can solve a multitude of problems and will work very well in this situation too but if wine has managed to penetrate into deep layers of your carpet then consider contacting an expert for professional help as water stains might develop thereafter.

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True Clean Carpet has received the “Gold” Seal of Approval award from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the only respected third-party carpet cleaning assessment organization in the industry, for our excellence in carpet cleaning techniques.


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