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Blot Stains On Your Carpet – How To Get Rid Of Them.

Carpets are generally associated with softness, color, strength and elegant design. However, one thing most people tend to overlook when it comes to carpets is the fact that they can easily be stained and this stain may look ugly and ruin the beauty of your carpet. This problem sometimes can even plague many pieces of clothes, not just carpets; this means you should take preventative measures in order to avoid having your carpets ruined by stains. One such stain is called a blot stain – where one will notice a roundish red spot on the carpet. The question then becomes – is there any solution to blot stains? The answer is yes!

True Clean Carpet is your solution. We can remove any stains from your carpets and guide and advice you on how to maintain a clean carpet and avoid future staining

Cleaning Tips & Cleaning Products for Blot Stains

For spot cleaning, vacuuming is an excellent idea because it removes loose particles from the surface itself as well as from within the fibers of the fabric. The use of vacuum cleaners made especially for cleaning surfaces is highly recommended for removing blot stains off carpets. However, ensure you do not move the cleaner back-and-forth on the same area too many times if you want it to be effective. A good rule of thumb is 5 “Swishes” gently over the affected area being sure to push firmly downwards onto the fibers each time – but do not rub.

Who knew something so simple would be so useful? This basic cleaning tool will make short work of dry-cleaning tasks when used properly. Vacuum bags should always be changed when full and never reused. A cheaper alternative is using a large trash bag with its open end twisted at least 3 times tightly around the outside of its base edge in order to seal out dirt and dust before disposing of it afterwards.

But if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home then try an old pillow case or some disinfectant wipes which will help remove most small spills or blot stains without damaging your carpet. Steam cleaning is also useful but make absolutely certain to take proper precautions as excessive heat can also damage items near your carpets as well as causing burns if touched while wet. Alternatively you may want to go for professional steam cleaning services if you think your circumstances require special attention or extreme cleanliness in your carpeting.


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Preventive Measures

There are some steps that individuals can take however to ensure that their carpets remain clean and free of stains even after many years or through frequent use or occupancy often for long periods of time like apartments for students or single hired people’s rooms like hotels or holiday homes which sees no seasonal changes every year. Be sure to protect your home from spills and harm as much as possible so things like cigarette ends cannot infect or contribute to blot stains.

Keep floors clean with regular vacuuming, especially along walls where pressure points are likely to cause staining dyes to leach out over time – more commonly seen with smokers’ cigarettes affecting carpeted areas around areas favored by smokers who slip quietly inside away from the rain without unceremoniously dumping ashtrays on floors outside doors thus avoiding need to walk all that way just dump away stale tobacco remains somewhere else since they have only burst house/room lockable door!

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