Since 2004, True Clean Carpet has served the St. Louis Metropolitan area; St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and Southern Illinois.

True Clean Carpet has truly the best carpet cleaning system in the industry by addressing the key issues that have plagued carpet cleaners for decades. We tackle these issues by utilizing a carpet cleaning system that consists of the most up to date and modern carpet cleaning technology available in the industry.

True Clean Carpet may be known for its quick and affordable, 10-step carpet cleaning service, but we also provide a number of other services including:

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

True Clean Carpet does not use soap, detergent, or shampoo to clean carpets. We follow our own GREEN cleaning process using water that we processed at our own in-house water treatment center and an organic pre-spray solution that consists of four different organic certified “green” de-greasers. The solution is completely safe and will not harm people, pets, or the environment. The True Green Solution won’t cause re-soiling and doesn’t require over-wetting.

Zip Code City Name Section Name State
63123 St.Louis Affton MO
63010 St.Louis Arnold MO
63011 St.Louis Ballwin MO
63021 St.Louis Ballwin MO
63147 St.Louis City Bellefontaine MO
63137 St.Louis Bellefontaine MO
63118 St.Louis City Benton Park MO
63134 St.Louis Berkely MO
63116 St.Louis City Bevo MO
63144 St.Louis Brentwood MO
63044 St.Louis Bridgeton MO
63111 St.Louis City Carondelet MO
63106 St.Louis City Carr Square MO
63108 St.Louis City Central West End MO
63005 St.Louis Chesterfield MO
63017 St.Louis Chesterfield MO
63105 St.Louis Clayton MO
63126 St.Louis Crestwood MO
63141 St.Louis Creve Coeur MO
63101 St.Louis City Downtown MO
63155 St.Louis City Downtown Central MO
63103 St.Louis City Downtown West MO
63045 St.Louis Earth City MO
63025 St.Louis Eureka MO
63026 St.Louis Fenton MO
63135 St.Louis Ferguson MO
63031 St.Louis Florissant MO
63033 St.Louis Florissant MO
63120 St.Louis City Goodfellow MO
63115 St.Louis City Greaterville MO
63040 St.Louis Grover MO
63042 St.Louis Hazelwood MO
63049 St.Louis High Ridge MO
63051 St.Louis House Springs MO
63052 St.Louis Imperial MO
63136 St.Louis Jennings MO
63140 St.Louis Kinloch MO
63122 St.Louis Kirkwood MO
63124 St.Louis Ladue MO
63367 St.Louis Lake St Louis MO
63125 St.Louis Lemay Ferry MO
63143 St.Louis Maplewood MO
63043 St.Louis Maryland Heights MO
63121 St.Louis Normandy MO
63139 St.Louis City North Hampton MO
63107 St.Louis City North Riverfront MO
63129 St.Louis Oakville MO
63368 St.Louis O’Fallon MO
63366 St.Louis O’Fallon MO
63034 St.Louis Old Jamestown MO
63132 St.Louis Olivette MO
63114 St.Louis Overland MO
63069 St.Louis Pacific MO
63373 St.Louis Portage MO
63117 St.Louis Richmond Heights MO
63119 St.Louis Shrewsbury MO
63104 St.Louis City Soulard MO
63109 St.Louis City South Hampton MO
63102 St.Louis City South Riverfront MO
63138 St.Louis Spanish Lake MO
63074 St.Louis St.Ann MO
63385 St.Louis St. Charles MO
63303 St.Louis St. Charles MO
63304 St.Louis St. Charles MO
63301 St.Louis St. Charles MO
63145 St.Louis St. John MO
63376 St.Louis St. Peters MO
63127 St.Louis Sunset Hills MO
63128 St.Louis Tesson Ferry MO
63110 St.Louis City The Hill MO
63131 St.Louis Town and Country MO
63112 St.Louis City University City MO
63130 St.Louis University City MO
63088 St.Louis Valley Park MO
63133 St.Louis Wellston MO
63386 St.Louis West Alton MO
63146 St.Louis Westport MO
63038 St.Louis Wildwood MO