True Clean Carpet has Truly the Best carpet cleaning system in St Louis and the industry by addressing the key issues that have plagued carpet cleaners for decades. We tackle these issues by utilizing a carpet cleaning system that consists of the most up to date and modern carpet cleaning technology available in the industry.

The genesis of the True Clean Carpet Cleaning System was developed to solve the major cleaning issues of:

  • Getting carpets steam cleaned without over wetting
  • Not leaving any re-soiling residue
  • Getting carpets dry fast
  • Having outstanding professional people who you can trust in your home

True Clean Carpet - The True Clean SolutionKey components of the True Clean Carpet Cleaning System are:

  • True Treated Water System:   Perfect cleansing solution and a key to no re-soiling residue
  • True Electronic Extraction:   Key to 2 hour dry times and truly clean carpets
  • True Certified “Green” Pre-spray Solution:   We can safely drink our organic pre-spray consisting of 4 different degreasers with no shampoo or detergent and no re-soiling residue
  • True Powerful Truck Mount System:   Enables water temperatures over 200 degrees and super powerful vacuum suction
  • Truly Outstanding Professional Technicians:   The primary focus of True Clean Carpet will be the hiring and retention of outstanding technicians.
  • True Gold Rated System:   The Carpet and Rug Institute has awarded True Clean Carpet the coveted Gold Level Rating.

There is no other carpet cleaning company in the nation that has effectively addressed the primary carpet cleaning issues in the way True Clean Carpet has been able to.